MOAR PARALLELS. I should be doing physics right now, but who needs that crap, right? Hahahahahahahaha… *Cries*

Anyway…. Am I the only one that noticed that, while Omi and his clones were complete and total dumbasses, when Jack clones himself with the exact same Wu, while his clones are also dull as rocks, he himself remains pretty much equally competent as he normally is? In fact, while his clones are portrayed in the same archetypes as Omi’s, Jack’s are shown to kick some mental butt to an extent.

Taking it a step further… Jack PERMANENTLY clones himself forever during the Yin Yang arc and there is little to no visible change in his intellectual level, despite it having just been slashed in half. Hmm… Makes you wonder just how much smarter he really is, despite the show portraying the guy as a fucking mechanical genius already…